Top Tips: How To Use Color Psychology To Give Your Business An Edge

Are you planning to paint new color in your business space or in office, then the colors you pick will increase the chance of achieving your goals?  Color influences human behavior and emotion greatly.  If you want to increase the productivity of your workers or encourage the shoppers to spend more money, then understanding the color psychology will help in designing the space which maximizes the potential. Once you understand the concept, you could easily pick the color of your choice from the top 7 rated at Paintsprayerzone.

Color psychology

Changes the people’s perception about the temperature

The wall color actually changes how people perceive temperature.  Warm colors like red, yellow and orange will make people think that the room temperature is warmer than actual. Cool colors like light purple, green and blue will make people think that the temperature is actually colder.

Evoke emotional responses

Color evokes certain behavioral and emotional responses:

Green color sparks creativity- Researches have linked the color green with more creative thought and broader thinking.  Most people love the color green and there is a positive association between re-growth and nature.  Hence if you want your workers and employees to be productive you could consider painting the work areas green.

Red color reduces analytical thinking– There are various studies which show that red reduces analytical thinking. When people see color red, their reactions are much forceful and faster but this energy is short-lived.

The orange color is linked with good value- People do associate the orange color with good value. It makes the customer view the product as valuable goods at low cost.

White will lead to boredom- Even though white gives a modern outlook it might create a monochromatic look which will lead to people reflecting their own thoughts and gets distracted from work.