Popular Drug Tests Business Use

If your job of interest is a critical one then, undergoing the drug test procedures is an unavoidable one, as not only your life is in peril here but, also, the lives of the others and many other important factors like the organization’s reputations, legal implications, productivity and so on are under scrutiny. Such an important employment that you are willing to join might examine your soberness by following one or more of the below-mentioned popular drug testing methods that are greatly favored by the likes of such workplaces for over some years.

  • Urine drug testing

The urine drug testing procedure is preferred by the critical businesses for a number of obvious reasons,

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Non-invasive
  3. Quicker
  4. Fairy accurate results

By following one or more of the analytical methods mentioned below, the presence of drugs or their metabolites in urine would be confirmed.

  1. Immunoassays
  2. Gas Spectrometry
  3. Mass Spectrometry
  4. Thin Layer Chromatography

  • Saliva drug testing

As this drug testing method is even more uncomplicated and less invasive than the urine test, it is gaining popularity these days. But, the drawback is it is more suitable for detecting the recent drug consumption, which might not fulfill every workplace’s expectations.

  • Blood drug testing

Since it is an invasive procedure, many workplaces refrain from pursuing this drug testing procedure unless and until the criticality of the job position is highly justifiable. With this drug testing procedure, not only the drug samples can be identified accurately but also the amount and the period of drug consumption and therefore, can assuredly say this is the most accurate feasible method.

  • Hair drug testing

Since no amount of washing or shampooing your hair can remove the drug metabolites that have been filtered from the blood vessels of your scalp, this method can label you a ‘derelict’ for your drug act of even a few days to a few months ago, unfortunately. The method is tested, of course, by examining your hair sample, that is predominantly, but not necessarily taken from your head!

So, these are the popular drug testing methods, which the organization that you are so eager to join might employ to prove your innocence. To anyone worried about their dignity, this is how I passed my drug test, which you may follow to prove your sobriety, appreciably!