Preparing For A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

If you want to keep your carpet looking good as new, you would have to rely on the services of a carpet cleaning company at least once a year. So you have made the good decision of hiring a carpet cleaning service- what next? Choose a reliable vendor that has a great track record. Choose someone who has very good reviews from its previous customers. And once you have booked the service, before the carpet cleaner arrives, you would have to be prepared. Here are some things that you should remember to do before the professional arrives:

  1. Free up all the space:

Tables, sofas, chairs and other furniture placed on the carpet would have to be moved elsewhere. The whole carpet should be accessible by the professional. In fact the hard to reach corners, the sections of the carpet that lie below the furniture and other objects in the room are the ones ignored during regular cleaning. This makes it all the more important to clear out the things from the carpet before cleaning.

  1. Visual inspection:

Before the professional arrives, before the cleaning starts he would generally inspect the carpet. This would help him prepare for the suitable cleaning materials required and thus devise the cleaning plan. But before that you should also perform a visual examination yourself. If you identify any particular stains, and other problem areas, you could mention that to the professional. These areas can then be given special attention.

  1. Pets and kids should be taken care of:

For the unobstructed service the professional should be allowed to work without any disturbances. So plan a day when the kids and pets would not be accessing the room where the carpet cleaning takes place. This would also ensure the safety of the kids and the pets.