Work Fitness: How To Stay In Shape At A Desk Job

If you have a desk job then in all probability you are spending the maximum time sitting. This lets you gain weight and stay unfit because there is no movement involved in the eight to ten hours.

Walk the steps

If your office is situated on a higher floor then avoid the lift and take the stairs. You may have to go to the ground levels for a coffee break or for some other work. Every time make it a point to take the stairs instead of the lift to stay fit.

Avoid coffee

Most people at a desk job tend to have a lot of coffee. It is important to consciously avoid this. You add sugar to your coffee that increases your weight. Limit your coffee intake to just one or two cups in a day.

Bring your lunch

Instead of eating oily and junk food at the office cafeteria, bring your own food to work. Pack some healthy lunch and get to work each day to eat a healthy meal.

Stand up often

Keep an alarm on your mobile phone and stand up often. You could also do some of your desk job standing instead of sitting. This helps you to burn some calories and lets you stay active.

Drink lots of water

Make sure that you drink plenty of water all through the day. Water keeps you hydrated and also lets you stay full. Many times people confuse thirst to hunger and start eating. So keep drinking water at regular intervals.

Use the facilities at your workplace

If you have a gym or a swimming pool in your office premises then make use of it. Pay the membership for the facility and make sure that you set a time either before or after work to exercise.

Follow these steps in order to stay fit even when you have a desk job. Read more of meilleures pilules de régime.